Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am a Mormon, but why?

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because at the center is a gospel of hope, family, and joy. This gospel provides knowledge that my Savior has not left me to struggle alone. I know that my Heavenly Father would not send his son to this earth to suffer temptations, trials, and extreme pains and then just leave me alone to experience this world without guidance. That despite any trials and hardships I may experience, my Father will be there to comfort and guide me through them. This knowledge fills me with hope. Hope for myself, hope for my fellow man, hope for my future family. Another thing I love about being a member of the LDS church is the concept of the family unit. I know that I can be with my family on this earth, but also through all of eternity. What an incredible gift to have. And what an incredible reminder to love & serve my family as much as possible while on this earth, knowing that our relationship will continue after this earthly life. Through this gospel I know that someday I can be with my complete family in heaven. How wonderful it is to know of the importance of families while I can still be with mine here on earth. This knowledge of eternal families strengthens my relationships with my family and encourages me to actively give of my love and support. But most of all my knowledge of the truthfulness of this gospel give me immense joy and happiness. I feel as if my Heavenly Father has blessed me with a beautiful gift. Having an understanding of my purpose on this earth and a knowledge of my salvation is what makes my foundation in all things strong. I feel as if I can overcome anything that may pain my heart as long as I rely on my Savior and my Heavenly Father for divine guidance. The love I have for people is indescribable, even people I don't know. I want more than anything to share the amazing gift that is this gospel with all of God's children, my brothers and sisters through Him. I eagerly await the opportunity to discover where my specific mission may take me on this earth, but I have made a solemn promise to my Father in Heaven that no matter where I may be in my life, I will serve and represent him with all of the faith, joy, and diligence of the Savior.

I have been assigned to be a direct representative of Jesus Christ. My Heavenly Father has chosen and sent me. I have been given the divine authority to deliver glory. 

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