Monday, April 28, 2014

Service is Key

Hey y'all!

This week we realized what an influence members have on those we teach. This Saturday Sister Jannet will be baptized. Yesterday was her 6th Sunday at church. We have requested that the auxiliary leaders make a special effort to include her. After sacrament meeting our bishop told her how eager he was for her baptism and that he knows she'll be a special new member in our ward. Our Sunday School teacher knew she was shy, so before class he asked if she would pray, giving her time to prepare. The Relief Society President brought her to the front of the room and introduced her during third hour. She sat with her appointed fellowshippers and chatted with the women about her family. During ward council after church we discussed which ward missionaries would help us reteach her the lessons. It was so refreshing to see a ward functioning just like it should. I am so thankful for the members of the Fairview ward who have been so kind and inviting to our investigators. When I first arrived here in February, fellowshipping was a problem. Members were reluctant, busy with their own lives, or just plain lazy. But now, after lots of member visits and lessons about our duties as members of the church, they have really stepped up to the plate. I am so appreciative of their willingness to grow and make changes to keep their baptismal covenants through inviting others to come unto Christ.

Saturday was National Day of Service and we went to Sapamanai where they normally experience 7-15 foot floods each year. I’m interested to see how that will go seeing that I work in that area. We did demonstrations on how to prepare a 72 hour kit for their families. It was really hot and slow, but eventually people listened and were interested. Our ward members worked hard and helped us to share the gospel with people as well as help them prepare temporally.

As usual, I love being a missionary. Despite challenges, trials, and impossibly hot weather, this work just gets sweeter. This week our mission president said to us, “When the temperature outside is 38C and you get punted at every appointment; when you get bitten by a dog and lose the cell phone; when you break your tooth and run out of money, just keep putting one foot in front of the other in faith, diligence and patience. Patience is refraining from complaining and murmuring in the midst of challenges and difficulties. Faith and fear are opposites. Faith is setting aside fear in order to do whatever the Lord requires, and it is doing it over and over and over again until the Lord decides it is long enough. Our challenge is to act diligently in faith and patience until we accomplish the will of the Lord. It is then that miracles will occur.”

Be patient, be diligent, be happy!

Sister Cork

My little buddy! He gets so excited when we visit his neighborhood each week. Their neighbor is getting baptized this weekend and while she was being interviewed we threw a whiffle ball and ate ube ice cream. He is so darling!

A letter from one of my favorite MTC teachers, he's the best!

 National Day of Service, Fairview Ward at our chapel

 No makeup, no worries. Omner and I taking a break from the hot day

 Digiman & Sister Cork, sounds like a Pokemon huh? He's so naughty, but we have tons of fun together. His parents and three older sisters were all baptized last summer.

 Palambok, yum!

 Chicken feet and brains! Not my favorite!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Because of Him...

If y'all haven't seen this video it's pretty spectacular


Hey y’all! This week was great, it always is. We worked hard and we got a lot accomplished. We found several less-actives that we were unaware of and began teaching a new family of investigators. We are working hard to hasten the work of the Lord here in Fairview. Sister Plame and I had a long, heartfelt chat on Monday and really got to understand each other better. When I first arrived her tough-love style of trainer was a huge adjustment for me, but I look back on the experience with a grateful heart. I am thankful for her consistency, obedience, and diligence as a trainer. This week we talked to an investigator who has now completed four Sundays. We were worried that she didn't have a testimony and full understanding on the doctrines. She has a very shy, quiet personality and rarely asks questions. As we sat in her humble home she bore her sweet testimony to us and expressed her desire to be baptized as soon as possible. We are so absolutely thrilled. Her quiet, yet powerful testimony will bless the lives of her children. We are eager to see Sister Jannet be baptized soon. I absolutely love her family. Her kids sit and play with my hair and hands while I teach. They’re darling and they love when we visit. I’m excited and happy to see them progress in their knowledge of the gospel. 

Easter week was pretty different here. It was Holy Week all week long. The stores were only open for five hours Monday-Thursday and then closed until Monday. There were huge parades, festivals, and gatherings. Massive pictures and statues of Christ blocked main roadways. In three places in my area a reenactment of the crucifixion was performed, complete with temporary crucifixions. We thankfully avoided those areas though.  Our Easter program included two speakers who spoke on the importance of focusing not so much on the brutal death of our Savior, but on his Resurrection. They did a good job and I understood most of what they said.
My words of the week are: makapagpaalibadbad (nausea) and manggagawang nasasanay (assistant). Pretty long words for such short English words. I understand more Tagalog every day, thank heavens. That is definitely an answer to earnest prayers. I have to be really patient with myself, but I learn a little more always. Hopefully by the end of this great adventure I’ll have it down.

I love you all lots and lots.

Sister Lindsay Cork

PS: It's 105 degrees here right now. Enjoy that air-con for me!

My new best friend. She showed up on our porch on Monday and I have been feeding her. 

 Wawa Dam in Montalban. The most beautiful place, I wish pictures could capture it better. There's tons of caves here where they put Japanese prisoners and sealed the entrance. Besides that gruesome thought, it's truly beautiful. It's amazing the way people live here. Tiny bamboo huts that float on the edge of the water.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Sweet little baby who was blessed last week.

 Green beans, squash, coconut milk, and quail eggs. Yum!

 This dog is so mean, probably because he needs an eyebrow wax. He only barks at me, no one else.

 Masarap! This is toasted siopao. It's a hot roll filled with pork.

Part of my area, Santo Nino Barangay, it's beautiful here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

High Spirits

This week seemed to fly by. This week was truly one of spiritual highs. I had the opportunity to attend zone conference, zone training, the temple, and all sessions of General Conference. I was filled with gratitude throughout the week for the wonderful opportunities I have to be a part of such uplifting activities. Each night before going to bed I have enjoyed rereading my notes from the previous week and setting new goals for myself in my planner to improve each day. I am so thankful to have a living prophet to lead and guide my life on this earth. As I watched General Conference for the first time I felt a small tinge of homesickness. For the past two years I have attended several sessions of Conference and to see the familiar place I love so much pulled at my heart. But instead of feeling homesick I decided to feel grateful for the opportunities I've had to sit in that wonderful hall and hear the words of our leaders. I realized that most faithful saints in the Philippines will never receive that opportunity and I sat humbled and grateful for my blessings. I am so thankful for General Conference and the guidance it provides me. My favorite talks were Elder Holland’s about persecution and defending our faith because firstly I grew up in the South and secondly because that’s what I do here every day. I really liked Henry B. Eyring’s talk about the inheritance we leave to our children, made me wonder what I want my children to know about me. And I loved Elder Ballard’s talk about follow up and missionary work because afterwards tons of members came to us asking to set up appointments. Nothing like a little kick in the pants by an apostle of the Lord to get people motivated. It's amazing how they speak just to you, yet they're speaking to millions. It shows how alike we are as brothers and sisters on this earth. We all have individual situations, yet we all can be uplifted, edified, and personally touched by the same words. I am so thankful for the amazing gift I have to attend the temple every six weeks and involve myself in ordinances for those who have already passed through this life. I am so thankful for the leaders I have here in my mission and the wonderful insight they provide me during conferences, training, and meetings. This week my heart is full of gratitude, what a lucky sister missionary I am.

Mahal na mahal,

Sister Cork

Laura Story - Blessings

Blessings in Disguise

So all last week I had the flu and had to go to the doctor. I found out that I have a viral infection in my lungs and that I have to be on antibiotics for six weeks, which is no fun. But I'm so thankful to have access to medical care unlike the majority of the people here. Most people get sick from such small things and stay sick for so long. Children really struggle because they can die so easily from things such an pneumonia or a severe flu. I'm so thankful to have access to clean water and medication. It's really the little things in life.

A bright spot in our week is that one of our ward missionary couples were finally able to work with us. They taught three lessons with us and they were fantastic. Every person we visited with them attended church on Sunday. Hopefully our other ward missionaries will be able to work with us soon. I know that their presence adds such an important component to our lessons. We are so thankful for any time they can share with us. I encourage you to go to the missionaries in your ward and offer just a short little amount of time that you could attend a lesson with them. You don't know how much of an impact your testimony makes on investigators. Please, just try it. They will thank you for your efforts to do your part.

This week is going to be one of spiritual highs. We have zone conference, zone training, temple day, and General Conference. I'm so excited to hear from the leaders of our church. I am so thankful to have leaders who work so hard to prepare to teach and guide us. I love hearing the prophet speak and I can't wait to hear his words. Our General Conference is played in four hour blocks with no breaks. I'll have to be sure to take good notes so I pay attention. I'm so excited. 

I love the Philippines. The people here are wonderful, even when they're stubborn. I am so thankful to be a missionary and for the things I learn every day. Heavenly Father loves all of his children, no matter where in the world they reside. Each day I feel the love He has for them and I can't help but love them myself. Trust in Him and he will guide you always. If you're ever feeling down on yourself, try giving someone your time and love and I promise you'll forget all about yourself.

Have a great week. Love y'all!

Sister Cork 

1. Young Women's Activity. Making homemade candies (white sugar & sweetened condensed milk) to earn money for a trip.
2. A hot day at the Manila Temple. We wake up at 2:30am to get there on time!

3. Pilipinos are just plain blunt when it comes to weight. Whether it's to your face or through a sticker, they have no problem mentioning that you're mataba (fat)