Monday, April 14, 2014

High Spirits

This week seemed to fly by. This week was truly one of spiritual highs. I had the opportunity to attend zone conference, zone training, the temple, and all sessions of General Conference. I was filled with gratitude throughout the week for the wonderful opportunities I have to be a part of such uplifting activities. Each night before going to bed I have enjoyed rereading my notes from the previous week and setting new goals for myself in my planner to improve each day. I am so thankful to have a living prophet to lead and guide my life on this earth. As I watched General Conference for the first time I felt a small tinge of homesickness. For the past two years I have attended several sessions of Conference and to see the familiar place I love so much pulled at my heart. But instead of feeling homesick I decided to feel grateful for the opportunities I've had to sit in that wonderful hall and hear the words of our leaders. I realized that most faithful saints in the Philippines will never receive that opportunity and I sat humbled and grateful for my blessings. I am so thankful for General Conference and the guidance it provides me. My favorite talks were Elder Holland’s about persecution and defending our faith because firstly I grew up in the South and secondly because that’s what I do here every day. I really liked Henry B. Eyring’s talk about the inheritance we leave to our children, made me wonder what I want my children to know about me. And I loved Elder Ballard’s talk about follow up and missionary work because afterwards tons of members came to us asking to set up appointments. Nothing like a little kick in the pants by an apostle of the Lord to get people motivated. It's amazing how they speak just to you, yet they're speaking to millions. It shows how alike we are as brothers and sisters on this earth. We all have individual situations, yet we all can be uplifted, edified, and personally touched by the same words. I am so thankful for the amazing gift I have to attend the temple every six weeks and involve myself in ordinances for those who have already passed through this life. I am so thankful for the leaders I have here in my mission and the wonderful insight they provide me during conferences, training, and meetings. This week my heart is full of gratitude, what a lucky sister missionary I am.

Mahal na mahal,

Sister Cork

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