Monday, April 28, 2014

Service is Key

Hey y'all!

This week we realized what an influence members have on those we teach. This Saturday Sister Jannet will be baptized. Yesterday was her 6th Sunday at church. We have requested that the auxiliary leaders make a special effort to include her. After sacrament meeting our bishop told her how eager he was for her baptism and that he knows she'll be a special new member in our ward. Our Sunday School teacher knew she was shy, so before class he asked if she would pray, giving her time to prepare. The Relief Society President brought her to the front of the room and introduced her during third hour. She sat with her appointed fellowshippers and chatted with the women about her family. During ward council after church we discussed which ward missionaries would help us reteach her the lessons. It was so refreshing to see a ward functioning just like it should. I am so thankful for the members of the Fairview ward who have been so kind and inviting to our investigators. When I first arrived here in February, fellowshipping was a problem. Members were reluctant, busy with their own lives, or just plain lazy. But now, after lots of member visits and lessons about our duties as members of the church, they have really stepped up to the plate. I am so appreciative of their willingness to grow and make changes to keep their baptismal covenants through inviting others to come unto Christ.

Saturday was National Day of Service and we went to Sapamanai where they normally experience 7-15 foot floods each year. I’m interested to see how that will go seeing that I work in that area. We did demonstrations on how to prepare a 72 hour kit for their families. It was really hot and slow, but eventually people listened and were interested. Our ward members worked hard and helped us to share the gospel with people as well as help them prepare temporally.

As usual, I love being a missionary. Despite challenges, trials, and impossibly hot weather, this work just gets sweeter. This week our mission president said to us, “When the temperature outside is 38C and you get punted at every appointment; when you get bitten by a dog and lose the cell phone; when you break your tooth and run out of money, just keep putting one foot in front of the other in faith, diligence and patience. Patience is refraining from complaining and murmuring in the midst of challenges and difficulties. Faith and fear are opposites. Faith is setting aside fear in order to do whatever the Lord requires, and it is doing it over and over and over again until the Lord decides it is long enough. Our challenge is to act diligently in faith and patience until we accomplish the will of the Lord. It is then that miracles will occur.”

Be patient, be diligent, be happy!

Sister Cork

My little buddy! He gets so excited when we visit his neighborhood each week. Their neighbor is getting baptized this weekend and while she was being interviewed we threw a whiffle ball and ate ube ice cream. He is so darling!

A letter from one of my favorite MTC teachers, he's the best!

 National Day of Service, Fairview Ward at our chapel

 No makeup, no worries. Omner and I taking a break from the hot day

 Digiman & Sister Cork, sounds like a Pokemon huh? He's so naughty, but we have tons of fun together. His parents and three older sisters were all baptized last summer.

 Palambok, yum!

 Chicken feet and brains! Not my favorite!

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