Monday, April 21, 2014


Hey y’all! This week was great, it always is. We worked hard and we got a lot accomplished. We found several less-actives that we were unaware of and began teaching a new family of investigators. We are working hard to hasten the work of the Lord here in Fairview. Sister Plame and I had a long, heartfelt chat on Monday and really got to understand each other better. When I first arrived her tough-love style of trainer was a huge adjustment for me, but I look back on the experience with a grateful heart. I am thankful for her consistency, obedience, and diligence as a trainer. This week we talked to an investigator who has now completed four Sundays. We were worried that she didn't have a testimony and full understanding on the doctrines. She has a very shy, quiet personality and rarely asks questions. As we sat in her humble home she bore her sweet testimony to us and expressed her desire to be baptized as soon as possible. We are so absolutely thrilled. Her quiet, yet powerful testimony will bless the lives of her children. We are eager to see Sister Jannet be baptized soon. I absolutely love her family. Her kids sit and play with my hair and hands while I teach. They’re darling and they love when we visit. I’m excited and happy to see them progress in their knowledge of the gospel. 

Easter week was pretty different here. It was Holy Week all week long. The stores were only open for five hours Monday-Thursday and then closed until Monday. There were huge parades, festivals, and gatherings. Massive pictures and statues of Christ blocked main roadways. In three places in my area a reenactment of the crucifixion was performed, complete with temporary crucifixions. We thankfully avoided those areas though.  Our Easter program included two speakers who spoke on the importance of focusing not so much on the brutal death of our Savior, but on his Resurrection. They did a good job and I understood most of what they said.
My words of the week are: makapagpaalibadbad (nausea) and manggagawang nasasanay (assistant). Pretty long words for such short English words. I understand more Tagalog every day, thank heavens. That is definitely an answer to earnest prayers. I have to be really patient with myself, but I learn a little more always. Hopefully by the end of this great adventure I’ll have it down.

I love you all lots and lots.

Sister Lindsay Cork

PS: It's 105 degrees here right now. Enjoy that air-con for me!

My new best friend. She showed up on our porch on Monday and I have been feeding her. 

 Wawa Dam in Montalban. The most beautiful place, I wish pictures could capture it better. There's tons of caves here where they put Japanese prisoners and sealed the entrance. Besides that gruesome thought, it's truly beautiful. It's amazing the way people live here. Tiny bamboo huts that float on the edge of the water.

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