Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Week for the Dogs

We were at the home of one of the families we teach, (grandmother, daughter, and her two little girls) and they told me their beloved dog, Aso (aso:dog), had been gone for three nights. The mom, Tiny, said that the neighbors ate it. Sister Cork made the mistake of laughing at this statement which I came to find out wasn't a was awkward. She told me that her dog was very delicious and desirable and she was not surprised to find out they had eaten their pet. She said if Aso hadn't of been such a cherished family pet she would have been honored to be the owner of such a yummy-tasting animal. I didn't really know how to respond and I just smiled and nodded.

- We had a zone conference this week and there was a workshop about being bold. My kasama may only weigh 68 lbs, but she sure does know how to be bold. She is a trip. Monday night we were teaching the Bilon family. They have five boys, the three youngest ones walk by themselves to church every Sunday, but the parents don't come. The conversation went something like this:
Sis. Plame: Why don't you come to church?
Sis. Bilon: We're just too busy on Sundays.
Sis. Plame: Doing what?
Sis. Bilon: I don't know, we're just busy. 
Sis. Plame: No, what exactly are you busy doing between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00?
Sis. Bilon: That's when we wash the family's clothes for the week.
Sis. Plame: Sounds great, Sister Cork and I will be here Friday night to wash your clothes, should we bring soap?
It was so funny, she agreed that if we helped her finish the chores she normally does on Sunday, she would come to church with her boys. Sister Plame means business.

- The Bilon boys are my favorite. There are five ages 24, 16, 14, 12, 10. The 16 y/o son has autism and is low-functioning, we read the picture scripture stories with him and he loves it. The youngest three have become my best buddies. Jonell, Joven, and Joppriel. Joppriel was baptized the week I got here. They sit with me during sacrament meeting and are insistent on teaching me Tagalog in exchange for little English lessons. Last week they showed up to church on Sunday with their dog, Chu-Chu. They arrived an hour early, so when we got to the church they were sitting inside with the dog! We told them Chu-Chu would have to stay outside. They laid out some Primary coloring sheets for him to look at while we were in church. They love basketball, especially the NBA. They each have a team: Chicago Bulls, Lakers, and Mavericks. They're so fun. I loved visiting their home each week.

The Philippines is great. Every day I go home exhausted, covered in dirt and usually bug bites, but I love it. This is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it is so so great. It's a hard thing to explain. The work is just so satisfying. Thank you for everyone who offers me so much support. I am so thankful for every bit of it.

All of my love,

Sister Cork
                        This is where our Bishop lives, it's considered a nicer part of the area.

                                    Tuesday's dinner! Balut: a fermented, aged duck embryo

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