Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What a Week

This week was pretty crazy. After horribly high fevers and wondering if we were going to die, my companion and I finally overcame dengue fever. We were so happy to be healthy again. We have a new appreciation for our daily work. We are finding ourselves so thankful to walk in the hot sun or pouring rain. Not only did I survive dengue fever, but I also made it through my first typhoon. It actually wasn't bad at all. All of the banana trees across from our house got ripped out of the ground so bananas were absolutely everywhere. We will have bananas for a while. We have to find some good recipes. The wind was really strong and it whistled through our house, which was pretty creepy. And we learned that our ceiling leaks really badly. But we are safe and playing in the rain was lots of fun, even if we were stuck at home for another day.

We had a big "Meet the President" conference on Monday to meet our new mission president. They really emphasized become disciples of Jesus Christ is all that we do and say. I really want to be the kind of person that when people see me or meet me, they know that I am His disciple, with or without a nametag. I love being a missionary, rain, shine, or fever. Thank you for everyone who supports me so lovingly.

Have a great week!

Sister Cork

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