Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My life is crazy.

Here's a quick, chronological review of my crazy week...

We had a service project and we swept the trash-filled streets of Bagong Silang, It was really fun. The sister and elders in our zone are great company. People came out of their homes to watch us sweep and sweep. They asked why we were cleaning somewhere we didn't live or if we were being paid or running for political office. It was fun to tell them who we are and what we were doing. I love the people here more every day. 

I'm the only American in our house, but I had to celebrate the Fourth of July! So we invited the elders who live next to us and we had a little American lunch party. It was lots of fun. There were hamburgers, french fries, potato salad, fried okra, chips, and soda. My kabahays sang the Pledge of Allegiance and God Bless America all day long. It was a good day. 

The end of the week proved to be pretty challenging. My companion and I contracted dengue fever. A virus that I thought was just something they told us about to make sure we drink clean water and use bug spray. But, it's actually a real thing. We had 105 degree fevers and were pretty miserable. Between the medication and the fevers we were a little crazy, which led to some pretty funny conversations. Luckily we're in really good hands here. No worries, we're on our way to getting better.

The longer I continue my service as a missionary, the more my appreciation and understanding of the priesthood expands. I am so thankful that our loving Heavenly Father is willing to impart a portion of His divine power to the young men I serve with each day. I am so thankful for their willingness to live worthy, clean lives so that when needed they can offer blessings of comfort and healing. 

Have a great week!

Sister Cork

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