Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pushing Through

Wow, this week flew by as well as dragged on. This area is tough! There is a lot of hard work to be done. It's so different from the area that I have come from. The people here are a little wealthier and they don't have time for us. It makes me think about the General Conference talk about our Heavenly Father not being a "comfortable God". Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not convenient, but it's worth it. Sometimes when people have everything they need, they forget about the only thing they actually need. Right now our days are long and involve lots of walking back and forth in hot sun and rain storms. I'm thankful for my companion though. She's shy, but sweet. The work would be so much harder if we didn't get along. I'm thankful for her cheerful spirit and willingness to keep working hard. And at the end of the each day we take turns rubbing achy shoulders. She's pretty great. We know that there are good things to come from Deparo, we just have to be exactly obedient and show Heavenly Father that we deserve the blessings.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Cork
 The only one willing to listen to me this week. 

 A rainbow over Rainbow Village!

 My new favorite friends. On Friday we caught tadpoles together.

 My neighbors.

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