Sunday, October 19, 2014

Magandang Umaga

Good morning! How's October treating all y'all?

This week was great. Oh how I love General Conference. When I lived in Utah I under appreciated the efforts the Church makes to ensure that every chapel in the whole world receives the Conference broadcast. Now I find myself endlessly thankful for all those on a local, regional, and global area that make it possible for us in the Philippines to listen to the words of our prophet, apostles, and leaders. It truly is such a blessing. 

I hope you all listened to the messages with open hearts. If you haven't heard them yet or even if you're not a member of my faith, I encourage you to watch at least one talk. Take a few minutes of your time and make a plan on how you will implement what you learned in your life. Where do you need to change? What hands do you need to lift up that are currently hanging down?

Love you all. Check out my blog for pictures!

Sister Cork

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