Monday, October 20, 2014

Here Goes Nothing

Hey y'all. Well, we are experiencing quite the change right now. Last week President called my companion and I into his office to tell us that our ward, which is us two and the other two sisters we live with will be expanding it's boundaries AND it will be left to just my companion and I. Yep, we're opening an area and expanding our ward in the middle of training. We prayed for more people to teach and we got about 65. I prayed to further improve my language skills and here I am leading a new area. I prayed to grow and progress as a missionary and there sure is a lot for me to learn here. So, in short, God answers prayers. Sometimes not the way we want. I've realized that rarely the things we ask for are wrapped up and mailed to us, but usually we're given a way to work hard and obtain them for ourselves. 

I'll be honest, I've missed a few nights of sleep due to some stress. But, if the Lord trusts us and the Mission President does too, that's enough for me. I'm excited to do hard things and learn to further rely on the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers.

Sister Cork

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