Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hey y'all, we're short on time this week so I'll just share a funny story from my companion. It's the Filipino version of a good ole Southern, trailer park style throw down. 

Sister Cork and I were out working and Sister Cork really wasnt just feeling the greatest. But she told me that she wouldnt go home if we didnt get one more lesson in. There was one name that popped into my head, but I did not want to go there! They are always bad. But they were just right on the way home. So really I had no other choice. So, we went. We walked up, and our less active was sitting there on the ground having her afternoon cup of coffee. Great start. We sit down and start talking to them. We actually find out that there has been a fight. These kids in the compound were totally fighting! It got so bad that the moms even got into it. This little boy now has scars on his face from it all. But really it was bad. The mom proceeds to tell us the story of what happened, and she is going so fast in Tagalog. It was a long story, then her voice got raised at this one part. It was way deep Tagalog, and something that I had never heard before. So I just thought to myself, "well, I dont know what that means...." Then the lady raised her hands next to her face in a claw grasp with beady eyes yells, in English, "this is war!" I just said, "Well, I know what they means now....." I then look to Sister Cork with a look on my face of what in the heck are we gonna teach these people?! She proceeds to take out her Book of Mormon while I open up the lesson. I then pass it over to Sister Cork and she has us open up to 3 Nephi 13:14-15. My heart drops. Boom. Forgiveness. Basically giving them a slap in the face. As they read it and Sister Cork explains it, I'm just praying really hard. One, for them to understand. And Two, for me to really know what to say. As its my turn to speak words come out and i don't remember what I said. But lets just say that at the end of the lesson, they were laughing and smiling. Knowing that they had to work on their forgiveness. We even left with the high fives and half hugs. Sigh of relief. 

Love y'all!

Sister Cork

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