Sunday, April 26, 2015

This Week in Pictures

FHE with the Pimentel Family. Brother played the guitar while Sister danced her heart out. This is the kind of marriage I want when I am 65 years old, they are darling. 

The garden in front of our house complete with mangoes and bananas. 

 A beautiful day at the Manila Temple.

 A peek at my new area. 

We spent nearly the whole afternoon teaching in the rice fields. We sat on the ground and taugh,  enjoying the breeze as little barefoot children laughed and played. Does that sound like a story book or what? How can you not love life here?

FHE with the Tuazon Family

Our beautiful chapel in Balagtas

This week's episode of Sister Cork's ugly legs: 
116 Mosquito Bites and Counting...

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