Monday, April 6, 2015

Goodbye Novaliches, Hello Malolos.

As I close my time here in Novaliches and prepare to move to final area in Malolos, I feel a sense of incompleteness. I have loved getting to work with this new sister. I wish I could stay and continue to watch her grow as a missionary. I am so humbled and thankful for the opportunity I have to had to work with her and her trainer.

This week was Holy Week. The Filipino way of celebrating Easter is quite different from ours in the States. There are no chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, or baskets full of treats. But there is a procession from town to town, all night chanting, ending with a public Crucifixion. It's hard to explain, you really just have to see it. I am thankful that we choose to remember the Living Christ. The Church's new video, Because He Lives, is absolutely beautiful. Check it out here.

I will admit the thought of moving to Malolos tomorrow is intimidating yet simultaneously comforting. It will be my last area of my mission and I know it will be difficult to train while opening an area, but I feel nothing but optimistic about it. I am excited to make the very best of the next two transfers. I recently read the talk by Alexander Morrison, "Come and See", and I have decided to do exactly as he said and "seek to wear out my life in the service of the Master".

Love y'all!

Sister Cork

My housemates on the left and my companions on the right.
(S.Teorobwati, S.Funaki, S.Pacquiao, S.Muller)

Singing songs with Eli

 Nova zone with Sister Wilwand

 Meeting with Sister Ajek from Malaysia

My "daughter" and my "granddaughter" in the mission. Love my Samoan girls!

Saying my last goodbye to Sister Clark. 

No electricity? No problem. 

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