Monday, May 4, 2015

Rain or Shine

This one week has felt like three weeks all smashed into one. We made a trip to Manila, had zone conference, got lost in a rice field, celebrated a local fiesta, participated in the National Day of Service, and enjoyed a beautiful Fast Sunday. It's been a long one. And a hot one for that matter. Our thermometer reached 110 degrees this week. You know, it's funny, when it's hot season all we ever want is rain and when it's rainy season all we ever want is for the rain to stop.  If we always wait around for the weather to be perfect, we will miss out on a lot of things Heavenly Father has planned for us. Sometimes we just have to slather on the sunscreen or grab our rain boots and say that we're going out any ways. The same goes for being a member of the church, a disciple of Jesus Christ, and a child of God; we have to do our best, rain or shine, hoping in the days to come. Makes me think of this talk. I love the gospel and I love being a missionary. Y'all have a great week!

This little guy was just cruising around the neighborhood all by himself.

The Manila Temple

Philippines National Day of Service
This little boy followed me while I swept for the entire four hours. I bought him ice candy and he held on to my vest until we were done. Absolutely the best part of my day!
This day we got completely and totally lost in the rice fields looking for someone's home, but it made for beautiful pictures!

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