Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthday Week!

Hey y'all,

Sending lots of love from the Philippines. It's been hot here and the humidity really seals the deal. I'm a little jealous of every person enjoying nice Spring weather right now. I'll be 20 years old on Thursday and I'm praying for a tiny drop in temperature.

As a missionary I've had the opportunity to realize how clumsy I am. Last week we were going to a teach a family. The entrance to their home is a little hole, about 3x3, in a cement wall about eight feet off the ground. To get up there, there are plastic buckets stacked to make stairs. As I was climbing I was so focused on my feet, I didn't look up to see a huge wooden beam. I smacked my face so hard. My nose bled and I had a big huge goosebump on my head. It was pretty embarrassing. On Friday we were walking a playful little puppy grabbed my skirt and was pulling it. I reached down, pulled it out of it's mouth and it bit me, hard. But after several rabies booster shots, oral medication, and bandaged fingers, I'm doing just fine. Trouble just seems to follow me. My companion laughs because crazy people always seem to find me. This week a woman told me her son left the church because their neighbors are witch doctors and they used voodooism on him. She invited us to dinner and said we had to wear white so the witches could not control us. We politely declined. She followed us for about two hours then gave up. It happens pretty often.

This week we visited a member and she took us to the area behind her house and introduced us to all of her pets. She has fifteen pigeons, a mama pig, four piglets, six dogs, four cats, eight ducklings, and about sixteen chickens. We helped her feed all of the animals. The little pigs are so cute! I love them. After which she gave us popsicles made out of milk with fruit and gel inside. My companion ate hers fast, but mine was so salty I could hardly eat it. I asked her if it was supposed to be salty and she said no. She asked if I knew what the word salty means and I told her of course. She tasted it and asked the sister why it was salty and the woman told us that she froze them next to a basket of fish, so that was probably why. I just laughed, what could I do? If anything hopefully life in the Philippines will give me a stronger immune system. 

Hope you all have a great week! I love you lots and I'm so thankful for any & all support you send my way. Check out my blog for pictures!


Sister Cork

       This is called "fire rain" or ulan ni sunag. It's amazing and beautiful. It was incredible to watch. 

             Zone Activity, EcoPark
It was so nice to get out of the pollution for a few hours. The air was so clean and nice

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