Monday, March 31, 2014

Awfully Accident Prone

I'll be honest, this was the most hectic week since I've arrived. Heavenly Father gives us trials to smooth out our imperfections and prepare us for things down the road, I sure do wonder what he's preparing me for. Sometimes I asked him why he decided to send someone so accident prone to the Philippines. But things here are great, I love it!

- On Wednesday we said goodbye to our old kabahays and welcome Sister Miner (St. George, UT), Sister Hafen (Caldwell, ID) and Sister Romero (Bacolod, PHL). The next day though, Sister Hafen was taken to the MRC (Missionary Recovery Center). She's been struggling with her health and she has been there several times. She eventually made the decision to return home. I wish we could have gotten to know her better, she was super sweet and had a great personality. I hope she feels better soon.

- Sister Plame and I had to go contest an incorrect electrical bill this week. I thought that it'd be a short trip, but oh I was wrong. We stood in line with nearly 400 people for about three hours. When we arrived at the front they told us that the computers had been shut down for maintenance. They wouldn't budge on our bill and the mission office agreed to pay the extra. The woman told us we couldn't pay their, but had to go to a billing center, then go to a copy center and photocopy our receipt and return it to her by 5:00pm. We ran all around the city and we were exhausted.

- This week we went three days without any water. It happens occasionally in the Philippines that the water is just randomly shut off. We bought bottles of water to drink and cook with, but we really needed to shower by the end of these three days. Finally, we texted the president's assistants asking what we should do. In twenty minutes they showed up to our house and took us to the mission home to shower! It was so awesome. I'll be honest, I stepped into that big, hot, running shower and I cried my eyes out. Mostly from joy of just being so clean. I don't think I'll be that clean again for the rest of my mission. It was the best! They sent us home with a few jugs of filtered water. I am so thankful for my mission president and his wife, they take good care of us. Our water was turned back on the next morning.

- We did a service project this week and we had to clean out a pigpen full of trash, at the bottom we found three dead cats! Wow, it smelled bad. I probably won't ever forget that. 

- Lastly, while walking to a teaching appointment this week, a group of little kids ran by and one had a sharp, rusty piece of metal in his hand. I got a nice big cut on my arm, following by a nice big tetanus shot. So now I can check that off my list too. Trouble just seems to find me!

I love teaching people about Jesus Christ and his gospel. It's so easy and simple. We read in the Bible and the Book of Mormon that Jesus taught the children and it's because his gospel and teachings are so simple and easily understood. I'm so thankful too, because my Tagalog is really simple too. It's so wonderful to see how the gospel changes peoples lives. This week we got to see Brother Mike be baptized and it was such a treat! He's a great guy and we know the gospel will really bless his sweet little family.

I hope you have a great week! 


Sister Cork

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