Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Summer is here in the Philippines. It is hot and wet. There's always a mist in the air. You never really know if you're wet from sweat, the air, or something else. It rained for about 24 hours straight this past week and afterwards everything was covered in mud. I'm used to everything being clean after a rain storm, but it was all pretty yuck. Walking through the mud and water all day was exhausting, I was happy to go home and take a shower that day.

This week I turned 20 years old! What an amazing thing to spend my birthday in the Philippines as a missionary. Only one birthday left in the mission! The day before my birthday we ended our appointments early because it's dangerous to be in that certain area when it's dark. My companion needed some things so we went to the grocery store. We spent about two hours there. I was so tired and just wanted to go home and do our planning. We finally went home and I opened the door and the lights flipped on, my kabahays planned a sweet little birthday celebration for me and Sister Lavador who turned 21 the week before. We cooked lumpias and chicken balls and macaroni soup and ate chocolate cake. It was so thoughtful and sweet. I loved it. We stayed up late (10:30) and talked and laughed. On my actual birthday I treated myself to a day of hard work and ended it with a hot shower. That's right, I boiled water for my shower. It was awesome. I felt so clean!

Yesterday we had a transfer meeting and we found out that our kabahay's (housemates) would both be transferred and replaced with three new sisters. Today they came and installed a new bed and desk in our house. It's pretty cramped with two recliners, a couch, five desks, and five beds. It's going to be cramped for a while, but we'll make it work. I'll miss the other sisters so much, but I know they'll do great things in their new areas. 

A fun story for the week...As we were walking down the street there was a man in front of his house who was pretty drunk. A few feet away was a little black kitten. My kasama and I saw it and said "Aww" and walked away. The man picked up the kitten and followed us for about 1/2 mile trying to give it to us. He was calling our names and waving the little kitten above his head. Finally Sister Plame turned around, snatched the frightened little cat from him, stuck it in her big leather purse, and marched away with a firm "Salamat po." (thank you) We turned the corner and she put the poor little kitten down. It was pretty amusing. Every time we pass him now he asks how our pet cat is doing. I think he's a little crazy.

Anyways, that's life here in Fairview. Have a great week! Pray often and look for little ways to feel God's love in your life each day.


Sister Cork

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