Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Boodle Fight

Hey y'all! How's your week? Ours was great here in the Philippines Quezon City North Mission. We had Elder Shane Bowen (Quorum of the 70, Philippines Area Presidency) come to visit us on Wednesday. Our whole mission gathered together for some great workshops. And then on Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference which was presided by Elder Ian Ardern (President of the Area Presidency). It was awesome, his counsel was wonderful and uplifting. We are so blessed to have a Father in Heaven who provides us with modern day leaders to instruct us. And the best part is the couple that I wrote about last week, they came with us! It's always great when those you're teaching attend church. And our mission president, President Bertin, used my companionship as an example of effective missionary-member work in a huge training meeting. It was flattering.

Yesterday, we were walking in the pouring rain. We were already soaked so we weren't even trying to avoid the puddles. My companion walked around one and I decided I'd just go straight through. Well, I sunk past my knees. Lesson learned, trust the native companion. 

And today we had what's called a "Boodle Fight". Everyone cooked a pot of food and we all met together and spread it all out on big banana leaves. You don't use any utensils, you just eat with your hands, which is called magkamay. It was messy, but absolutely delicious and tons of fun. 

Pictures are on the blog!


Sister Cork

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