Monday, August 11, 2014

Movin' Right Along

This week flew by for us, but it was a great week. I want to tell you about an experience we had with two investigators. Cynthia and Ver are both widows. They've been together now for seven years and when you're around them the love they share is nearly tangible. It's enough to make anyone smile. They live in a little house made of concrete and old bamboo. We've taught a few times while it's raining and we just laugh as rain pours through the ceiling. This past week they shared with us that they have been praying together as a couple and reading the Book of Mormon. They told us that they've been asking God for a sign or a way to know the truth for many years. Brother Ver mentioned that sometimes he feels thirsty for the truth. As we taught them the message of the Restoration, the spirit in the room was nearly something of physical weight. They told us through happy tears that they know we are messengers sent from God to deliver them the truth. The best part of the entire experience was feeling the Lord work through me. I wasn't worried about my language abilities or what I would say next, I just listened carefully and we were led by the Holy Ghost. It has to be one of my favorite, most powerful experiences thus far.
And, I may have accepted a huge responsibility. Sister Cork may be way over her head here, but she's going for it. Long story short, my mission president, my companionship, ten stake presidents, and 25 bishops will have a meeting on Saturday before our stake conference session to discuss the beginnings of the first deaf ward in the Philippines. I've been asked to give two workshops, one on deaf culture and integration into hearing wards and another on ideas for starting a basic ASL class. I'm so excited! I hope that there is some small thing we can do to at least get the ball rolling. It may not happen for many years, but I'll be happy to even see the start of it. 
So that's all for now, have a wonderful week!
Sister Cork

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