Monday, August 18, 2014


 Mission tour with two elders from my batch.

 Look what little gem I found in the front of a jeepney.

 After a service project. I promise I'm not that white, it's just comparitively I'm really white.

 We found a cave in our area and took a little exploring break.
 Probably my best friend ever. I love days when we visit his house! He never has on pants and loves to play with my hair. Lately his mom can't get him to take a nap because he is afraid we'll come while he's asleep. He always yells "Ate! Ate!" (big sister)
 This is called a Boodle Fight. You lay out big banana tree leaves and eat with your hands. We all cooked together and had tons of different ulams (types of food). My companion and I made lumpias (spring rolls). We had Pakistani food, beef adobo, pineapple chicken, Bicol express, and lots more. It was so fun!

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