Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hello October...It's Still Really Hot

Last Friday we had our first American Sign Language class. I'll admit, I went into the whole thing with pretty low expectations in relation to attendance. Remembering our English class in Fairview with a record attendance of six people, I was careful not to let my hopes get too high. On Friday evening as we arrived to the chapel, we were greeted by 35 people. Watching people trickling in made my hands and knees shake. I was so nervous; I began to ask myself what I had really gotten myself into here. My companion and I took a moment and knelt in prayer, asking for comfort and guidance. By the time the class had started we had a room of more than 70 people! We introduced ourselves and our purpose as missionaries. Almost one third of the group were non-members and over half were educators in the community. In the next few weeks we are expecting to not only receive many referrals for ourselves, but for our surrounding areas. It's all pretty exciting. This is just the kind of opportunity I've been praying for. I'm so thankful for the response that we've gotten.

Besides for that....I got a much needed haircut, fed some stray cats that now won't leave our front door, walked in torrential downpour with no umbrella for about two hours, and hit my head about six times. Gotta love it.

Until next week,
Sister Cork

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