Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hey y'all, here's the update!

This week we had two typhoons hit our mission. The rain came down like I've never seen before. The storm took both of my umbrellas as their victims. The floods were an interesting experience. Our house turned into a mini-waterpark. The water just poured and poured down the stairs. We had several inches of water downstairs by the time we woke up. The people down the street just lives in little bamboo/mud huts. Their homes were destroyed almost entirely. We tried to keep up with the water, but it was just too much. We stayed the night at the mission home. It was like a 12 hour vacation. We made cookies, took hot showers, and slept in air-conditioned rooms! It was like we were royalty. Everything was so clean, the fridge was full of food, and there were windows to keep out the rain. In short, it was awesome.

This weekend we got to see Sister Ludy enter the waters of baptism, which was really such a special experience. She was just glowing with happiness. After her baptism she was invited to say a few words and out of her bag she pulled out an entire talk that she had prepared which covered almost every lesson we've ever taught her, including Word of Wisdom and Tithing. It's so wonderful to have been a part of the conversion of someone who has been so prepared by Heavenly Father. We hope to soon begin teaching her family. She will be a bright light in our struggling ward. 

Have a great week!

Sister Cork

 About sixteen homes once stood here. They had it all cleaned up by the next day.

 This is actually a real problem we have here. People don't know how to use toilets.

 Homemade cookies!

 These little kids play at the church every day almost. It's big, grassy, and no one has to worry about getting hit by a car. We told them that they should come to Primary and this Sunday sixteen of the kids from the neighborhood showed up to church. If only adults were that dependable!

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