Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's A Kiwi!

So, last Wednesday was the day I'd been waiting for/stressing about. I attended a short training for the new trainers and then we headed to the chapel for the new companionship announcements. I looked over at the sisters: one Fijian, one New Zealander, and four Filipinas. One by one they matched each Filipino with a foreigner and vise-versa. It slowly filtered down to two sisters, one Filipina and a New Zealander. I said a silent 'thank you' as I knew the Filipina would be assigned to me and the foreigner to the other native trainer. President Bertin called my name and with a smile on his face, as if reading my name, he assigned me to train Sister McCarthy, from New Zealand. Talk about a shock. I can't even tell you what my reaction was as I quickly realized that I wouldn't only be teaching a new missionary about missionary life, but teaching her an entire new language. Fun fact: Sister Cork is the youngest (in mission months) foreign missionary to ever train a foreigner. They always give them to the native missionaries. 

After shaking off the shock and getting to know her, I know it was an inspired choice. I absolutely love Sister McCarthy. She graduated from BYU-Hawaii last April in Sociology. She is a true islander, laid back and funny. She is teachable, yet I'm pretty sure I have a whole lot more to learn from her than she does from me. And, I thought I really didn't have much of a handle on the language. But right now as I teach entire, hour-long lessons by myself, I realize that maybe I do. And I can see where I need to improve my language skills. Despite being highly intimidated, I'm extremely excited. I can't wait to grow as companions and as a missionary.

Love y'all!

Sister Cork

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