Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September

Hey y'all!
This week we added three new investigators to our teaching pool, are who are deaf. My companion and I had such a wonderful experience teaching them this past week and are excited for our return appointment with them. We hope that this upcoming week they will attend church. It means I'll have to interpret for them, which is pretty terrifying, but the Lord is on my side. It's so wonderful to share the gospel with all of Heavenly Father's children. Yesterday I received the infamous phone call from my zone leaders, informing me that I would be training next transfer. To be honest, I'm pretty nervous. I still feel so new myself, much less ready to train a brand new missionary. I know training will help me to grow as a missionary. I guess that's why it's called growing pains. Sometimes experiences that are the very best for us aren't the most comfortable. But if the Lord feels that I'm ready to train, I trust His guidance. It's hard to turn our will over to our Heavenly Father, but I know His sight reaches further than mine. Oh and just one more thing, I would like you all the know that my companion and I waded through flood water past our knees in absolutely pouring rain yesterday to get to an appointment. The water was moving so fast we thought we'd lose our shoes. When we got to the appointment no one was there, but their little cement home had about four feet of water inside. Little kids were swimming down the streets in the murky brown water, loving life. How can you not love the Philippines?

Love you!

Sister Cork

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